The SI(emens) PROTEC(tion) devices lead the way in integrating protection, control, measurement, and automation functions in one unit.
Thanks to the homogenous system platform and extensive experience of more than a million successfully operating devices in the field worldwide SIPROTEC enjoys top recognition among users. SIPROTEC is the industry standard for digital protection technology today.

  • In many fields of application, all secondary technical functions can be carried out using just one device. This lowers investment costs, reduces installation work in every respect, and increases system availability.
  • The implementation of the international IEC 61850 standard has played a significant role in forming a consistent and future-proof basis for all protection, communications, and control functions.
  • The trendsetting system architecture places communication firmly under the protection engineer’s control. Powerful, flexible, and above all reliable communication is the most important prerequisite for distributed and decentralized systems such as smart grids.
  • The implementation of IEC 61850 edition 2 unfolds the entire potential of this standard by optimally supporting operational needs and making handling easy.


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Family members

SIPROTEC 4 protection and bay controller devices have been proving their value for many years through their efficiency, reliability, and future-safety. The low life cycle cost makes sustainable and profitable management possible.
SIPROTEC 5 is part of the new generation of incomparable modular, flexible, and intelligent digital field devices. With modularly designed hardware and software the SIPROTEC 5 field devices are perfect for protection, control, monitoring, and measuring applications in electrical energy systems.
Perfectly suited for protection in distribution systems and industry, with minimal space requirement SIPROTEC Compact devices provide a comprehensive range of functions in a surprisingly compact and space-saving housing.