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SAIP Automation International is a German company with headquarters in Romania, Advanced Partner of SIEMENS AG Germany and authorized SIEMENS product distributor for substation automation, grid protection, power quality and industrial automation. We employ a team of highly specialized project engineers and managers to implement integrated and comprehensive solutions in secondary technology, anywhere in the world, with commitment, competently, reliably and cost-effectively.
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Your process requires industrial controllers with a high level of functionality and flexibility. Let us help you finding the SIEMENS product which fits your needs the most.
The SICAM Power Automation System meets all the demands placed on a distributed substation control system. It features user interfaces for the integration of system-specific tasks and offers multiple automation options.
Specially developed for the energy sector, the SICAM Remote Terminal Units are indispensable components of industrial systems whether they are electrical substations, power plants or oil pipelines.
The SI(emens) PROTEC(tion) devices lead the way in integrating protection, control, measurement, and automation functions in one unit.
The SIMATIC controllers are the intelligent choice for your automation task. Plant or machine building, production or process technology, stand-alone or highly complex applications: the SIMATIC product family offers the perfect control solution for every application.
(English) SICAM SCC / WinCC & SICAM 230
(English) WinCC based, the process and visualization system SICAM SCC is a central element of energy automation solutions. The system is independent of the substation technology installed. SICAM SCC is compatible with the SICAM PAS Power Automation System, the products of the SICAM RTUs line and SICAM SCC communicates directly with bay units and protection devices that support the IEC 61850 communication standard.
Our engineers are extremely flexible and keen on travelling. We are happy to support you on-site in any edge of the world.
Client orientation
Client satisfaction is our duty. Our motto: "The client is king".
The engineers at SAIP Automation are outstandingly trained, certified and fluent in many foreign languages.
Our engineering team has many years of impressive, international project experience.
We offer our solutions and services at an excellent price-quality ratio. Qualitative work at competitive prices.
Energy automation is the key to the future. This is what we live for. This makes us the best choice for you.
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Let us show you what we have done so far: in a little more than one decade we have traveled the globe from Chile to Afghanistan and from Norway to South Africa to satisfy our clients needs on-site. We have gathered an amazing amount of cross-cultural experience and learned indispensable skills for a smooth intercultural collaboration anywhere in the world.
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