Our History

SAIP is an acronym from the Romanian language “Sisteme de Automatizare şi Inginerie pentru reţele de Infrastructura Publice”, which means Automation Systems and Engineering for Industrial and Public Infrastructures.

SAIP Automation International is a successful, independent provider of engineering and commissioning services. We also supply overall automation solutions in the following domains:

Dec 2022

New Website

Our company has a new website now. We hope you will like it.

Dec 2022


Siemens Energy Germany

Framework contract with Siemens Energy Germany for worldwide projects.

Oct 2022

Extended Range of Services

We have enriched our portfolio with new industries and technologies.

Sep 2022

TenneT, Germany

Proudly supplying services to TenneT, Germany.

Jun 2022

TotalEnergies, Spain

Started collaboration and strategic partnership with TotalEnergies, Spain.

May 2022

GC E&C, South Korea

Entered the Asian market – first project with GC E&C, one of the largest EPC companies in South Korea.

Apr 2022


Siemens Germany

Framework contract with Siemens HQ Germany covering all Siemens subsidiaries worldwide.

Dec 2021

Elecnor Group, Australia

Supplying renewable energy solutions to Elecnor Group, Australia.

Mar 2021

EnergoBit, Romania

Started a strong collaboration with EnergoBit, a large Romanian company.

Jan 2021

Diversification as Total C&P Solution Provider

We have become a turn-key solution supplier for substation automation, protection, and power quality systems.

Aug 2020


Siemens Energy Norway

Framework contract with Siemens Energy Norway.

May 2020

Production and Testing Facilities

Internal Quality Gate and Factory Acceptance Test laboratory in our office.

Dec 2019


Siemens Energy Spain

Framework contract with Siemens Energy Spain for worldwide projects.

Sep 2019


Office relocation and extension

We acquired a new, bigger headquarters with 1000 m² of office space and 200 m² of panel manufacturing and FAT facilities.

Jul 2019


Siemens Solution Partner

We have become a certified Siemens Solution Partner for EA and IA products and systems.

Aug 2018

Petrofac, UAE

We have become a supplier for Petrofac, a large worldwide EPC company.

May 2017


To recognize the worldwide coverage of our projects and our multinational team, we have extended our company’s name from SAIP Automation to SAIP Automation International.

Mar 2017

TSK Group, Spain

Started worldwide collaboration with TSK Group, a large EPC company.

Apr 2016

Electrogrup, Romania

We have expanded our services in Romania with Electrogrup, one of the biggest EPC companies.

Oct 2015

Alstom, Romania

Collaboration in railway industry with Alstom, Romania.

Apr 2014


Siemens Saudi Arabia

Framework contract with Siemens Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Mar 2013


Siemens France

Framework contract with Siemens France.

June 2012


Siemens Germany

First collaboration with Siemens Germany, which developed to a Framework Contract in 2014 for worldwide projects.

May 2012

Siemens Advanced Partner

We have become a certified Siemens Advanced Partner for EA and IA products and systems.

Sep 2011


Siemens Austria

Framework contract with Siemens Austria.

Mar 2011


Siemens Romania

Framework contract with Siemens Romania.

Jan 2010


Siemens Norway

Framework contract with Siemens Norway.

Jun 2009


Siemens UAE

Framework contract with Siemens United Arab Emirates.

Oct 2007

IDS, Germany

Framework contract for municipal utilities, local transportation and energy projects in Germany.

Sep 2007

Office Relocation and Extension

Siemens takes over Vatech SAT and SAIP relocates to new company headquarters.

Jul 2006

Balfour Beatty Rail, Romania

Started collaboration in railway industry with Balfour Beatty Rail, Romania.

Jun 2005

VA-TECH SAT, Germany

Framework contract for municipal utilities projects in Germany.

Feb 2005

Company launch

Founded as a low-cost supplier of engineering services for Vatech SAT, Germany.