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SICAM AK 3, the youngest member of the SICAM RTUs product family. Provides a multitude of possibilities for the automation of widely distributed processes, and is the most powerful device of the SICAM RTUs product family in terms of communication, automation functionality and redundancy.
The SICAM TM has high functionality and flexibility, through the implementation of innovative and reliable technologies, on the stable basis of a reliable product platform.
SICAM A8000 Series
The SICAM A8000 series is a new modular device range for telecontrol and automation applications in all areas of energy supply.


SICAM 230 is a scalable system for a broad range of applications. It can be used from an integrated energy system for utility companies to a monitoring system for smart grid applications. The SICAM 230 architecture is completely consistent – from the on-site controls to the redundant multi-hierarchic control system. This brings order to your system structure.
An important function of digital protection is to store disturbance records for more accurate analysis of critical events in the grid. The memory for such records is limited in the relays. SICAM DISTO (disturbance data storage) is a software package, which recognizes the occurance of new disturbance records in the connected rotection relay, fetches them by means of substation communication and stores them in preconfigured directories on the hard disk of a PC.


SICAM PAS has been designed as a modular system with open communication interfaces. It meets the requirements of state-of-the-art substation control and protection systems and of the power management systems required for industrial manufacturing plants.
WinCC offers complete operating and monitoring functionality for all sectors - from simple single user systems up to distributed multiple station systems with redundant servers and cross-site solutions with Web clients.


SIPROTEC 4 has established itself on the energy market for decades as a powerful and complete system family of numerical protection relays and bay controllers from Siemens. The devices have also been certified by independent test institutes and universities (KEMA, EPRI, LOYD, UR Laboratories).
The SIPROTEC 5 series is based on the long field experience of the SIPROTEC device series, and has been especially designed for the new requirements of modern high-voltage systems. For this purpose, SIPROTEC 5 is equipped with extensive functionalities and device types.
DIGSI 5 is the versatile engineering tool for parameterization, commissioning and operating all SIPROTEC 5 devices. Its innovative user interface includes context-sensitive user instructions. DIGSI 5 offers superior usability and is optimized for your work processes. Only the information you actually need to carry out your tasks is shown. These can be reduced further using expanded filter mechanisms.


The perfect PLC control system: highly flexible in dynamic applications. Every SIMATIC PLC control system from Siemens offers top-level performance, flexibility and functionality for the demanding tasks
Much more than a traditional distributed control system (DCS): SIMATIC PCS 7 combines a unique scalable architecture with powerful engineering tools and a wide variety of additional functions such as alarm management, process safety and asset management, all of which can be integrated seamlessly into your existing environment.

Network & IT

Network components
No matter what the communications application or how extreme the conditions – our product portfolio has the right solution: from switches and routers to media converters, NTP servers, wireless WAN and LAN, UPS, software and application solutions and more. We have wide experience implementing Ruggedcom, Cisco, Hopf, Meinberg, Westermo, MOXA, etc…
Industrial PC
Simply the best : Siemens’ industrial computers meet the industry’s highest operating performance standards. The SIMATIC Industrial IPC product range delivers superior performance, provides higher availability, and is backed by Siemens’ world-class service and support.


Electrical Cabinets
Protection cabinets are used to protect transformers, lines, etc. from the transformation stations. These are equipped with multifunctional numerical terminals designed to replace the functions of the old control and protection panels in the stations.


The PDM system has been designed to capture, measure and log the ultra high frequency (UHF) signals generated by partial discharges within gas insulated switchgear (GIS). Couplers are distributed throughout the switchgear to pick up signals in the range of between 500 MHz to 1,500 MHz. These signals are routed to the PDM where the signal is detected, amplified and stored for diagnosis. From the stored data it is possible to determine the magnitude, probable location and type of any partial discharge activity within the GIS.
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