Remote Terminal Units

Specially developed for the energy sector, the SICAM Remote Terminal Units are indispensable components of industrial systems whether they are electrical substations, power plants or oil pipelines.

The SICAM RTU product family is being developed to offer solutions for secondary technology in all kinds of electrical substations. The family members are able to perform local control tasks based on the principle that the time-critical process automation tasks in a multi-hierarchical network are performed as close as possible to the process.

The system concept of the SICAM RTU product family provides high functionality and flexibility for different automation applications. Typical tasks performed by these automation systems are:

The SICAM RTUs have also been successfully used in other fields of the energy industry: monitoring and control of oil-and-gas pipelines and underground gas storages, flight control systems and automation of airport utilities.

SICAM RTUs family members:


The strongest member of the product family is extremely flexible and powerful thanks to the modular, consistent SICAM system architecture. Automation, telecontrol, and communication functions can be easily combined in full compliance with IEC 61850.

SICAM A8000 Series

With the increasing number of prosumers, the power grid is changing into a bidirectional network where load flow control is crucial. The cost-effective SICAM A8000 Series has been designed to manage the effects of decentralized power feed-ins and reduce network losses.


The SICAM TM combines cost-effectiveness and complexity in an optimal manner. This family member may be used as a simple data concentrator or protocol converter, but its modularity allows expanding this automation unit to monitor and control hundreds of field devices.