Power Automation Systems

The SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) meets all the demands placed on a distributed substation control system. It features user interfaces for the integration of system-specific tasks and offers multiple automation options.

SICAM PAS can be easily included in existing systems and used for system integration, too. With modern diagnostics, it optimally supports commissioning and maintenance. SICAM PAS is clearly structured and reliable, thanks to its open, fully documented and tested architecture.


SICAM PAS details:

System Architecture

SICAM PAS works on industrial-standard hardware with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The advantages of this platform are low hardware and software costs, ease of operation, scalability, flexibility and constantly available support.

Communication protocols

Substations use various types of protection units, IEDs, bay control units, measured-value recorders and telecontrol units from a wide range of manufacturers. SICAM PAS offers numerous communication protocols to record data from these devices.


SICAM PAS is developed in accordance with security standards and meets modern demands placed on safe communication. Asymmetric encryption enables tap-proof communication connection to higher-level control centres with IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP V3.00 via TCP/IP.