With its scalable size, SICAM 230 provides a convenient, transparent and open interface between the operator and the process, especially for utility and industrial companies. Its wide range of seamless, scalable system solutions – from display systems to redundant control center systems – is ideally suited to perfectly map and display your plants with the required depth and technical functionality.
Universal access: the Client-Server Concept, with redundancy
Thanks to the network-wide client-server concept of SICAM 230, you can access and process central functions such as alarm and sequence of event lists, archiving, acknowledgments and configuring from any workstation. The SICAM 230 redundancy concept is based on two servers working in parallel, and which are continually being synchronized through the network link. This ensures that messages, fi le entries, derived counters, variable identifiers, trend memories and many other data are brought up-to-date.

Open to all: communications interfaces in SICAM 230
Automation systems such as SICAM 1703 can be interconnected serially (IEC 60870-5-101) or through a LAN or WAN (IEC 60870-5-104). The open interfaces in SICAM 230 equip the system for future standardization trends in the automation or IT sector. What’s more, additional PLC servers (such as Profi bus FMS, SAIA etc.) are available for standardized remote control connections.

Everything under control: alerting functions and event management
Use SICAM 230 to adapt your alerting functions and event management perfectly to your application through variable definitions and complex filter conditions available for the output. Flexible reaction matrixes with standardizable processing objects are available to assist you. The output can be issued in the form of reports, open and closed logs or as an export in standard fi le formats. In the event of a breakdown, monitored image hierarchies guide your operating personnel from the overview image to the acknowledgment-capable alarm in the detail process view.

Reliable trend recognition: The SICAM 230 Trend Curve Module
The trend curve display feature in SICAM 230 gives you a fast and precise overview of current developments derived from the evaluation of online and archival data.

Logs, wherever and however you need them
The SICAM 230 Log Generator generates closed logs based on online and archival data in a simple and convenient manner. This includes even complex logs with a diversity of layout and computational requirements, which can be output on-screen, as a file, or as a print-out.

Error-free configuring: SICAM 230 Project Manager
In addition to the object-oriented, menu-driven parameterization with the graphical user interface, you’ll fi nd many other convenient tools in the SICAM 230 Project Manager. These include graphics import, import/export of the data model, copy and alignment functions, zoom, online help, etc. The data model is generated and maintained with the OPM II object-oriented process data manager as part of the TOOLBOX II.

You benefit from

  • Highly-developed, industry-specific solutions, for instance for substation automation, hydroelectric power plants, municipal utility plants (electric power, gas, water and district heating) or regional utility companies, as well as customized energy data management
  • State-of-the-art, intuitive operator guidance through context menus, multi-window and multi-screen techniques, dedicated masks and online-adaptable lists
  • More efficient engineering by generating more highly aggregated process engineering objects for graphics and data models
  • Scalable architecture, Multi-hierarchic and multi-project, capability as well as redundant servers
  • Proven standard solutions, for instance for archiving, logging, reports, formulas, computer interfaces or remote control connections via IEC 60870-5-101 or -104, network management by SNMP or Message Control for alerting on-call services via mobile phone


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